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Sovereignty - Complete independence and self-government.

Free Enterprise - an economic and political doctrine holding that a capitalist economy can regulate itself in a freely competitive market through the relationship of supply and demand with a minimum of governmental intervention and regulation.
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OK-SAFE, Inc. Training Dates

In anticipation of the upcoming 2013 Legislative Session in Oklahoma, OK-SAFE will be conducting their annual Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process Training. These events are free and open to the public, but we do ask for a donation to offset the associated expenses.
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January 8, 2013

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Reminder - Citizen Involvement Training Classes

Legislative Deadlines - Calls needed on SB 23 and SB 53

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07/20/12 -
On Tuesday, July 17, 2012 the OK State Chamber of Commerce held a Legislative Wrap Up meeting at NSU in Broken Arrow, OK. The Chamber's presentations were revealing - they admit they are actively recruiting and running "pro-business" candidates who will do their bidding once elected. Discussed are the Chamber's mechanisms for getting them to change their votes. Also discussed is the OK Civil Justice Council, aimed at targeting those judges who don't render "pro-business" decisions in court. For those who had any doubts about the OK Chamber's agenda - this is must hear listening.

07/06/2012 - In June Oklahoma experienced an unprecedented number of challenges to Republican incumbents. Grassroots candidates faced stiff opposition from the establishment machinery - everything from personal attacks, to outright lies - and most lost in the primary election. Pastor Paul Blair ran for Senate Dist. 41, against incumbent Sen. Clark Jolley. What happened during that campaign and Paul's plans going forward.

06/29/2012 - In June Oklahoma experienced an unprecedented number of challenges to Republican incumbents. Grassroots candidates faced stiff opposition from the establishment machinery - everything from personal attacks, to outright lies - and most lost in the primary election. One grassroots candidate, Pastor Dan Fisher, did succeed in getting elected to OK HD 60. Join as we discuss this most contentious campaign and Dan's plans for HD 60. 


06/08/2012 - Water Nightmare.

OK Governor Mary Fallin has signed one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever. Called the Water for 2060 Act, HB 3055 states "the public policy of this state is to establish and work toward a goal of consuming no more fresh water in the year 2060 than is consumed statewide in the year 2012". Can anyone say water rationing? Hosts Amanda and Don discuss the ramifications of this dangerous legislation and recommended actions for Oklahomans.

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Oklahoma Capitol
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The Board of OK-SAFE, Inc.
 2013 Citizen Involvement Training Classes
Upcoming Meetings and Events

OK-SAFE, Inc. - A new year brings many things, including the start of another legislative session. (First day of session is Monday, February 4, 2013). 


This means it is also time for OK-SAFE's annual Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process training classes to begin.


OK-SAFE's training classes are in-depth, un-sissified working sessions - come prepared to work. 


The training is presented in multiple parts, beginning with the basics, moving on to how/when to lobby, and then on to more advanced subjects such as legislation and how to read a bill with understanding.  The class will also cover understanding political doublespeak, and who/what is influencing legislation in Oklahoma.


Attendees will come out of this class better informed, more confident in their ability to communicate with elected officials, better able to track and follow legislation, and, hopefully, more informed about the potential impact proposed legislation could have on this state.


The following dates, times and locations have been confirmed for three training classes.   


Tulsa Area:

  • Saturday, January 12, 2013.  9 am to 12:30 pm at Heartland HQ Building, 1008-B N. Hickory Ave., Broken Arrow, OK, 74012
  • Saturday, February 2, 2013.  9 am to 12:30 pm at Spirit Life Church, 5345 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa, OK, 74105

Oklahoma City Area:

  • Saturday, January 26, 2013.  9 am to 12:30 pm at The Village Library, 103o7 N. Penn Ave., Oklahoma City, OK  73120

These training classes are free and open to the public.   


Handouts will be provided; internet is available so please bring your own notebook computers. A small donation may be asked to offset expenses.


If your group or organization would like to schedule addition training classes please contact OK-SAFE at


Hope to see you there.


The Board of OK-SAFE, Inc. 


OK Legislature Deadline Calendar - Calls Needed on SB 23 and SB 53

Introduced versions of proposed legislation have already begun appearing on the OK Legislature website (click Legislation, then Text of Measures).

Now would be a good time to begin perusing the lists of proposed legislation and beginning advocating for or against a proposed bill.

The UN Association of OKC has already begun their campaign against the two proposed anti-Agenda 21 bills, namely SB 23 and SB 53 by lobbying the Senate in person. 

Agenda 21 cover
[Click here for details on sustainable development.]

The grassroots groups who support these two bills need to be doing the same. Don't wait for session to begin.

Senate Toll free number: 1-800-865-6490
Senate direct dial: 1-405-524-0126

List of OK Senators: click here.

List of legislation: .  Click on Legislation, then Text of Measures to see bills. 
Deadline for Bill Draft RequestsFriday, December 14, 2012
Substantive Language DeadlineThursday, December 27, 2012
Organizational DayTuesday, January 8, 2013 at 12 Noon
Deadline for MINOR Redraft Requests
(Authorship changes are due by this deadline as well.)
Thursday, January 17, 2013 NLT 10am
Deadline for Filing LegislationThursday, January 17, 2013 by 4pm*
Session ReconvenesMonday, February 4, 2013 at 12 Noon
Deadline for Third Reading of Bills and Joint Resolutions in House of OrginThursday, March 14, 2013 
Deadline for Third Reading of Bills and Joint Resolutions from Opposite HouseThursday, April 25, 2013 
Sine Die Adjournment, No Later Than 5:00 p.m.Friday, May 31, 2013 NLT 5pm



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Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise, Incorporated (OK-SAFE, Inc.) is a non-profit 501(c)4 Oklahoma Corporation made up of individuals and coalition groups dedicated to the Principles of American Free Enterprise and the Constitutional Sovereignty of Oklahoma and the United States of America.

   June 2 Action Forum 

   June 3, 2009
In The News  

Presentation given by Amanda Teegarden, OK-SAFE Executive Director, at OK-SAFE Action Forum on June 2, 2009 


Tulsa Townhall – Country, Constitution & Christianity Video

   April 11, 2009
In The News  

Video of Special Guest Speakers

Pastor Jason Murphy (New Life Church, Owasso) speaking on “Country, Constitution and Christianity” and Pastor Bruce DeLay (formerly of KFAQ radio/pastor of Heartland Church in Tulsa) speaking on “Christians Who Say Why do Anything I’ve Read the Back of the Book”

Tulsa Townhall Panel 

   September 2, 2008
In The News  
OK-SAFE Townhall Panel - The Proper Role of Government - Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The panel included:

Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon

Oklahoma State Representative John Wright

Oklahoma State Senate Candidate Gary Casey

OK-SAFE Vice President Ken Sellers

Video Tract One

Video Tract Two

Video Tract Three

Video Tract Four

Video Tract Five

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Video Tract Eleven 



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